18cm Super High density PU foam, Density 42

3cm Super Soft PU foam (on both sides)

3cm polypropylene fiber, Dakrom (on both sides)

15 g/m2 isolator membrane (on both sides)

8mm thick low density white PU foam density 16

8mm thick polypropylene fiber

Textile cover cotton & polyester

3 metal ventilation holes on 3 sides







COMFORT is so easy to enjoy but can be difficult to achieve. This 

combination provides homogenous body support for luxurious taste of rest.

It supports your muscles, bones, and joints perfectly, and offers you a super Comfort Sleep.






ما أسهل الاستمتاع بالراحة ولكن ما أصعب تحقيقها. هذا المزيج يساند 

عضلات وعظام ومفاصل الجسم بإتقان ويمنح الجسم راحة متوازية والشعور بطعم

الراحة المترف


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