2.2mm Bonnell spring, 110 springs/m2

Coiled foam rotated on each corner side of the Bonnell Spring

Foam borders Extra PU foam with Density 36

Extra PU foam supports with Density 36, inside the Bonnell Spring

0.5cm thick mineral fiber membrane, 600g/m2 (on both sides)

2cm thick super compressed Bond foam (on both sides)

3cm thich high density Super Extra PU foam Density 42 (on both sides)

2cm thick super soft PU foam (on both sides)

15g/m2 isolator membrane (on both sides)

8mm thick polypropylene fiber

Textile cover cotton & polyester

3 metal ventilation holes on 3 sides





Luxurious, Comfortable, and Innovative, our Prince Mattress offers everything you could ask for in

a bed. Proven to be very long lasting, and greatly conforming with all body parts. 

Prince competes with best Bonnell mattress in the world.



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